The Holodomor is the Kremlin's most cruel and sadistic crime committed against Ukrainians.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the project "Real History" shows evidence of this crime. Unique documents are made public - criminal cases on cannibalism during the Holodomor.

The State Archives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine contain 1022 cases of cannibalism in 1932-1933. It is worth noting that this is only the number of criminal cases opened by the Soviet police. There were also group cases.

"I would very much like the materials that are open today to give impetus to serious historical, legal and other scientific research. This is a very serious layer for the research of physiologists and psychiatrists. This is bringing a person to cannibalism. I would very much like our society to accept these facts through this prism. People who resorted to cannibalism are victims of the Holodomor," said State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Inna Yashchuk.

Among the published documents is the case of Anna Ivanovna Storcheus. Her husband and three children died of starvation. The last fourth child, a girl named Nadezhda, was killed and eaten by the woman.

The peculiarity of all cases is their politicization and falsification. That is, outwardly they complied with the law. Formally, an investigation was conducted, the fact of the crime was established, and the perpetrators were identified. However, the victims, people driven to cannibalism by the regime, were convicted of committing murder.

The mechanisms of artificial hunger and the fact of driving people to despair and madness are not documented in the case materials. Psychiatric examinations are almost never conducted, but doctors write in their conclusions "the look is dull, the eyes are shining." This, for example, was the case of May 1933 regarding the accusation of a woman named Marcelina Antonovna.

In addition, among the archival files, there are many related to corpse-eating. This was the case in the case of Yarovaya M.K. The case file states that after the death of a young child from starvation, instead of burial, the fact of corpse-eating was revealed.

The phenomenon of cannibalism became widespread at the peak of the Holodomor, but hunger is hushed up as such. On the other hand, the case file shows an obvious focus of the regime - people who are accused of cannibalism, did not want to join collective farms or did not have enough workdays. Also, the victims of the regime were Ukrainians who had an "inappropriate" class and social background.

In the documents we trace "I have 30 workdays, declassed, decomposed, deficient element", "Ukrainian, non-partisan, illiterate, lodyr".

In general, out of more than a thousand cases, there are isolated cases when a person was sent for psychiatric treatment. The vast majority were sent to NKVD camps for the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal.

"It is important that the Ministry of Internal Affairs was able to preserve these historical documents. Each family has its own history of the Holodomor. When 5 or even 10 children died. Families were large enough at the time, but there was nothing to eat. When the last ear of corn was taken away. This is what we need to talk about. And to speak not only to our children in Ukraine, not only to remember, but also to tell the whole world. So that this does not happen again," said the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ihor Klymenko.

To recap, the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense stated that the Russian authorities, stealing Ukrainian grain during the war,

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