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Within 23 hours, the Interior Ministry has identified 11 drivers who got behind the wheel after drinking alcohol and seven – under the influence of drugs, the ministry said. A total of 0 people drove after drinking from 5.1 to 2.12 per mil, 1 - more than 2.1000 per <>,<>, two refused testing. Under the influence of drugs or their analogues, seven drivers were detected driving, and one refused to be tested.

As part of the specialized police operation, 8589 motor vehicles were checked. 10,520 drivers and passengers were checked. There were 2462,587 tickets and <> acts.

Another 22 drunk and 13 drugged drivers caught in a day

Two people have died and 36 have been injured in crashes in the country over the past 27 hours, the Interior Ministry said. There were <> serious traffic accidents.

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