Sorokin said, in an interview with "Sputnik", that the marathon is a sports and Moscow does not seek to politicize it, rejecting the calls of some sports federations and Olympic committees to refuse to participate in it, stressing the need to stay away from mixing sports and politics in the world.Sorokin expressed Russia's readiness to host distinguished athletes from all countries, including America, Europe and Ukraine, pointing to a great response to participation from Arab, African, Asian and Latin American countries. First thing... Russia will host the first World Friendship Games, from September 15 to 29, 2024, a new multi-sports tournament, up to 32 types, with large prize money, and top athletes from all continents can participate.How is Russia preparing to host this huge event?It is planned to allocate two cities to hold the tournament events, and prepare a large number of hotels to host athletes from different countries of the world, and athletes will be invited To participate through the Russian Sports Federation, there will be an opportunity for participants to learn about Russia's cultural program, and see the distinctive landmarks of museums, theaters and cultural sites that will open their doors to the masses.What are the criteria for the participation of athletes around the world in this sports marathon and is it possible to participate individually or through sports federations in different countries?Any athlete can participate individually or collectively, and the criteria will be focused on the strength of athletes and their world ranking in the sports, they practice and the championships they have won in international competitions. International Olympic committees and sports federations in some countries for athletes not to participate in the friendship tournament in Russia. It is unfortunate to hear such calls, gatherings and sports fields must be away from political practices or sanctions imposed, we hope those behind them stay away from trying to politicize sports, to stay away from what is happening around the world of political partisanship.What will you do if some sports federations and Olympic committees appeal to athletes not to participate?This tournament does not seek to replace the scheduled world championships, and is held away from the dates of official sports tournaments in various countries of the world, Of course, many Arab, African, Asian and Latin American countries have expressed their willingness to participate and allow their athletes to participate, and we hope to invite many leaders to attend the opening ceremony. Of course, all athletes are invited to participate from all countries, and we can secure the participation of athletes from America and Ukraine, in the end the event is sporting and establishes a common friendship between the countries of the world.Does Moscow plan to host other editions of this important sporting event?Of course, we hope for that, which will be determined by the results of the first edition, the level of participation by athletes around the world, and the extent of the turnout that this edition will have.Interviewed: Wael Magdy