The Director of Relations Development at the company "Cham Wings" Aviation, Osama Al-Sate, "the return of the opening of Damascus International Airport to service," pointing out that "the company (Cham Wings) reprogrammed its flights to it."Al-Satea added in a statement to "Sputnik", that "the flights that were departing from Latakia Airport, will return starting today to Damascus International Airport, and the first flight from it will go to the Emirate of Sharjah." And its management and employees like before without any problems, so all flights that were transferred last month to Latakia airport, returned today to Damascus International Airport, which had stopped working as a result of security arrangements in order to preserve passengers and workers.The civil aviation authorities in Syria had announced on October 22 "the departure of Damascus and Aleppo international airports from service due to Israeli bombardment," and decided to divert "scheduled flights to both airports, towards an airport Damascus and Aleppo International Airports were subjected to Israeli aggression on October 12, causing them to stop working for two days before resuming their activities after repairing the damage, before Israeli planes launched another aggression on the 22nd of the same month, causing them to go out of service.The Director of Relations Development at "Cham Wings": "Within the direction and policy of the permanent company within the framework of its responsibility, work is being done today to schedule and modify flights in a way that suits everyone, as for the flights allocated to the people of Latakia Governorate to the various stations. In the context, sources working in the Syrian civil aviation authorities, who preferred not to be named, confirmed to "Sputnik": "The resumption of work at Damascus International Airport starting today," noting that "maintenance work at Aleppo International Airport (Neirab) is not yet complete." Scheduling and organizing the take-off and landing of flights at the airport since this morning, with two to three test flights on a daily basis, to ensure the safety of navigation through the airport, after repairing the airstrips bombed by Israeli aircraft."During the past two days, many websites outside and inside Syria circulated a decision to extend the suspension of work at Damascus International Airport until the beginning of next December, claiming that the reason for this is due to "the incomplete maintenance work and restoration of damage left by Israeli raids." On October 12, following the Israeli aggression on Damascus and Aleppo airports, the Syrian government set a timetable to complete the repair work of the damaged parts of the runways of Damascus International Airport as soon as possible, and to tighten safety and security standards in accordance with technical conditions, and also called on travelers at the time to arrange their travel and transfer to Latakia airport, schedule their flights with airlines, and communicate with airport administrations for any inquiries.