In Kyiv oblast, the consequences of an enemy drone attack were recorded. Today, November 25, the occupiers struck another blow on the territory of the region. The Air Defense Forces worked effectively — an enemy object was shot down in one of the settlements of Kyiv oblast.

This was reported by the police of Kyiv oblast.

As a result of the fall of the drone, a huge crater was formed, the diameter of which is about five meters, the depth of which is more than two and a half meters.

As a result of the fall of the drone, a huge crater was formed

Fortunately, there were no casualties and no other injuries.

An investigative team and forensic specialists worked at the scene. Law enforcement officers inspected the scene and recorded the consequences of the attack.

"The police of the Kyiv region urge citizens not to ignore air raid sirens and immediately go to the nearest shelter! We thank the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine," the message reads.

The occupiers launched black Shahed drones for the first time

At the same time, social media users note that the Shahed-136 shot down in the Kyiv region is painted black, most likely to reduce the chances of detection during night attacks.

The occupiers began to launch black Shahed drones / Photo from social networks

On the night of November 25, the Russian occupiers launched 75 Shahed drones over Ukraine. The Defense Forces shot down 71, of which 66 were destroyed in the Kyiv region.