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What are the options facing power – divorce or long co-management? The topic in the studio of "Offensive" on Nova News commented sociologist Andrey Raychev.

According to him, the Bulgarian government is geopolitical, not domestically motivated. In his words, its meaning is to ensure the stability that NATO and the EU want from our country.

Rossen Jeliazkov: It is not important whether we are called an "assembly", the more important thing is what we produce

"The cabinet is hated by one electorate and the other. It is in some sense a perversion and is temporary," the sociologist said. "MRF actually participates in the government," Andrey Raychev believes, pointing out that after the New Year Delyan Peevski is expected to head the formation.

He is adamant that the polarization in terms of politics in our country is currently invented, so the confrontation between the parties is artificial. According to Raychev, GERB - UDF pays a lower price than PP - DB for the "assembly" between them. In the words of the sociologist, it is not excluded that the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov will want Nikolay Denkov to remain prime minister until the end of the cabinet, because "why would he take responsibility for something that fails?"

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