The trend of voting percentage in the state decides whose government will be formed.

Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023: Voting is underway for the assembly elections in the state. According to the Election Commission, 5.68 percent voting has been recorded in the state till 24 pm. The polling time is till 6 pm. Only half an hour is left for voting till the time of writing the news. Talking about the voting percentage in the last elections in the state, whenever the voting percentage has increased, the BJP government has been formed in the state.

At the same time, in the assembly elections in which the voting percentage has decreased, the Congress government has been formed. If we talk about the 1998 assembly elections, then that year 63.40 percent voting was recorded and the Congress government was formed. This time Ashok Gehlot became the Chief Minister of Rajasthan for the first time.

After that, in the 2003 assembly elections, the voting was 75.23 percent and the BJP government was formed. In this election, the voter turnout was 12.17 percent. Vasundhara Raje became the Chief Minister of Rajasthan for the first time in this election.

Talking about the 2008 assembly elections, this year the voting fell by 8.73 percent to 66.50 and this time the Congress government was formed in the state and Ashok Gehlot became the Chief Minister of the state for the second time.

In the 2013 assembly elections, this percentage again increased by 8.73 percent to 75.23 percent and the BJP government was formed again in the state. In this election, the BJP won a huge victory. The BJP had won 200 seats in the 167-member Assembly. At the same time, the Congress was reduced to just 21 seats. Vasundhara Raje became the Chief Minister for the second time when the BJP government was formed.

Congress wins 2018 lok Sabha elections

In the 2018 assembly elections, the turnout had come down by 0.43 per cent to 74.8 per cent and the Congress formed the government in the state. In this election, the Congress got 92 seats and the Congress formed the government in the state with the help of 5 Bahujan Samaj Party and some Independent MLAs.

About 5.<> crore voters will choose the government

In Rajasthan, the festival of democracy is being celebrated today. Voting for 200 assembly seats out of 199 in the state began at 7 am and will continue till 6 pm. Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta said that a total of 199 candidates are in the fray for these 1862 seats. The number of voters here is 5,25,38,105.

Nearly 17 million young voters

There are 18,30,1,70 young voters in the age group of 99-334 years in this assembly election. The number of new voters is 22,61,008. The main contest in the state is believed to be between the ruling Congress and the main opposition BJP. The Congress is talking about changing the 'custom', while the BJP leader is claiming to change the 'raj'.

Will 'Raj' or 'Custom' change in Rajasthan? Today the people of Rajasthan will decide it with their vote. The result will be declared on December 3. Only then will it be decided which party will form the new government in Rajasthan.

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