He added in his speech to "Sputnik", that "the truce is not the end of the war because the ceasefire is a written agreement between the parties to the conflict and is the only one that may guarantee an end to the war, but the entity does not want to accept it because it will mean recognition of the legitimacy of the resistance and will be a political agreement with it, which implies that it is the one who will continue to manage the sector, and this basically contradicts the political goal of the entity of removing the political authority of the movement, so the truce was the least binding agreement and the most close to Kahloush continued, saying: "Given the strategic objectives of the entity, surrendering to the truce is an implicit recognition of the initial loss, as it was forced to negotiate the prisoners instead of freeing them, and was forced to discuss with the movement through mediators instead of destroying them, and was forced to stop its military operations and limit some of them instead of continuing them, all of which confirms its inability to withstand internal and external pressures on the one hand, and its inability to fulfill its military obligations due to the strength of the battle on the ground on the other hand." "In addition to acquiescing to the equation of 1 for 3, that is, it will free 3 detainees from its prisons in exchange for only one detainee with the movement, and this indicates the strong negotiating position of the resistance." "The truce will weaken the media image of the entity after the final images of the widespread destruction inflicted on the Gaza Strip and the magnitude of the humanitarian tragedy in it spread."