In a statement, the International Committee of the Red Cross in Israel and the occupied territories said in a statement published on its official account on the "X" platform, Saturday: "We strongly deny these allegations."

"False information endangers our staff and the people we seek to help, and hampers our ability to support conflict-affected communities," the statement said.

"We are committed to upholding humanitarian and ethical principles in all its operations and in all areas in which it operates," it said.

It is essential to verify facts before sharing them in order to prevent the spread of false information and to preserve the space that humanitarian organizations need to carry out their life-saving work.

A video circulated of what was described as the involvement of a Red Cross employee in a spying operation on Hamas.

Video circulation alleges that an employee appeared to stick a small tracking device to the back of a Hamas operative who was handing over Israeli detainees to the Red Cross.

The video sparked widespread outrage and condemnation on social media platforms, with many demanding clarification from the organization.