Russia is preparing for 10-15 years of protracted war to break Ukraine.

The British military expert said this in an interview with Espresso.

"Russia is preparing for two or three years, and maybe even 10-15 years of a protracted war. It will just continue to hit Ukraine until it breaks," Glen Grant said.

According to him, the Russians are counting on the fact that the West will sooner or later fail and then something like the "Korean scenario" will happen. The conflict will be frozen, a border will be created that will separate the Eastern Ukraine, or the so-called Novorossiya, and Ukraine.

"That's what they're striving for and what they're hoping for," says the expert.

According to him, everything indicates that the Russians are slowly mobilizing so as not to create chaos in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But in the rest of the country, constant mobilization continues, and the ability to deliver weapons to the front line is improving. The occupiers are quite successful in producing electronic warfare equipment, which they could only dream of a year ago. But Russia is approaching a crossroads, where on the one hand the defense industry is growing, and on the other hand, the economy is falling.

"In a sense, it is good that there are not very bright minds in the Russian General Staff. They're smart in their particular specialty, but definitely not in strategic thinking. It is quite possible that by putting the country on a military footing, they are actually destroying its economy as a whole. We know that the state of the Russian economy in many areas leaves much to be desired. For example, some airlines are on the verge of collapse because they can't get parts and keep planes in good condition in the air. This is a reflection of some areas in the economy. And if airlines can't stand it, then other segments should definitely be close to collapse," Grant said.

Political expert and journalist Vitaly Portnikov believes that Ukrainians should adapt to life in wartime. He noted that if Ukraine and Russia have the resources, the war may last until 2035, but in his opinion, it may end sooner.

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