Azov fighter Sviatoslav Siry, who spent almost a year in Russian captivity, spoke about the details of his detention and exchange.

He spoke about this in his interview with TSN.

"It gets harder every month, especially if you're in the same place, because every time you go out or move, it revives you a little. The brain perceives this process as some kind of activity, survival, and you understand that you are doing something. When you are constantly in the same conditions, terrible, that do not change and do not have even a hint that they will ever get better anywhere, it is very bad both physically and mentally. And I believe that only due to the fact that we sat with our team, we sat separately with the Azov fighters. We are mentally close and it was easier for us to hold on together, to support each other," Siryi recalls.

He said that he was taken to the exchange by plane from Taganrog and this is the only time he visited Russia.

"They took us out of the basements, stuffed us all into one cell and we just waited there. Personally, until the last moment, I thought that this was just a stage somewhere further – either to Taganrog, or to Rostov, or somewhere else "in the hinterland"... The first straw of hope... That maybe it's definitely an exchange, it's when we saw aircraft plates underfoot... There is very little logic in their (Russians') actions, so it was very dangerous to immediately hope that you were already flying home. Therefore, until the last moment, until a man got on the bus and said: "Glory to Ukraine! You can speak Ukrainian. You're at home," I still had doubts about where we were going," he said.

Earlier, it was reported that the Ukrainian military captured a Russian soldier who wanted to reduce his sentence by signing a contract with the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

In addition, we previously reported that the policeman told how he survived the blockade of Mariupol, captivity and returned to service.

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