Ramallah - Sputnik. The Israeli army said in a statement that "with the entry into force of the temporary suspension of fire, our forces will be stationed at the ceasefire lines inside the Strip, and will move there." The Israeli army stressed that "including this will not allow in any way the movement of residents from the south to the north, but only from north to south, and will not allow the uncoordinated movement of trucks from the south to the north of the Strip." November 22, reaching an interim ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip, for 4 days, with a deal to exchange prisoners and detainees between the two parties, and the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.For its part, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas movement, confirmed on Thursday that the humanitarian truce with Israel enters into force at seven in the morning of Friday, November 24, accompanied by the cessation of all military actions from the Palestinian and Israeli side. 3 Palestinian prisoners, women and children, for every Israeli prisoner, and 200 trucks of relief and medical supplies and 4 trucks of fuel and cooking gas are brought daily to all areas of the Gaza Strip.This is the first actual step towards calm in the raging war since the escalation between the Palestinian movement "Hamas" and the Israeli army since the movement announced, at dawn on Saturday, October 7, the start of Operation "Al-Aqsa Flood", where thousands of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel and its forces stormed adjacent Israeli settlements. Israel responded by officially declaring war on the Gaza Strip, starting with devastating bombardment and then ground military operations inside the Strip.The Israeli attack on Gaza resulted in about 1400,250 deaths (mostly children and women) and the injury of about 15,36 others, while clashes in the West Bank resulted in the death of more than 225 Palestinians and the injury of about 3000,1 others.The number of displaced people in the Gaza Strip reached 7.2 million. One of the 4.<> million people living in Gaza, according to the United Nations.