(CNN Español) –– The Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) writes a new chapter this Saturday, November 25, when the 37th edition of what is considered by its organizers to be the largest literary festival in Spanish in Latin America begins.

The FIL, characterized by being a meeting of writers with their readers, will be attended this year by more than 650 authors from 45 countries and 33 different languages, including the presence of the Mexican poet and essayist Coral Bracho, recognized with the FIL Prize for Literature in Romance Languages 2023, the highest award granted by this fair.

This meeting, which concludes on December 3, will also be attended by the Spanish writer Elia Barceló, recognized for her works of science fiction and fantasy literature; Elísabet Benavent, known on social networks as Beta Coqueta and author, among other works, of "En los zapatos de Valeria"; Andrés Neuman, winner of the 2009 Alfaguara Prize, and the Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramírez, winner of the Cervantes Prize and the Alfaguara Prize, among other prominent authors.

The Italian writer Dacia Maraini, nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature on several occasions, will be in charge of opening the "Carlos Fuentes" Literary Salon in a dialogue with the Mexican writer Guadalupe Nettel.

The European Union, guest of honour, attends this meeting with more than 70 writers from the 27 countries that make up this group, which will be joined by Ukraine.


In addition to literary activities, the European Union has an extensive programme of cultural activities with dance, music, cinema, visual arts exhibitions and gastronomic events.

The fair also dedicates a space to science, where the presence for another year of the physicist Javier Santaolalla stands out, who has millions of followers on social networks and thousands who attend his presentations to talk about space.

Caricatura La Catrina's tribute will be this year to the Argentinian cartoonist Juan Matías "Tute", who has positioned characters such as Batu, Trifonia & Baldomero and Mabel y Rubén in the taste of his followers.

Among the activities dedicated to young people, the talk "Mafalda, the comic strip that changed the world" stands out, with the participation of Daniel Divinsky, editor of Quino.

The FIL is also the largest platform for publishing businesses in Ibero-America, according to the organizers. This year, more than 18,000 professionals from 49 countries are expected to attend.

In a space of more than 43,000 square metres, around 450,000 titles from 2,200 publishers from 46 countries will be exhibited and 630 recently published books will be presented, including "No te verá morir" by Antonio Muñoz Molina, Princess of Asturias Laureate.

Guadalajara International Book Fair