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The amendments to the Constitution will again enter the agenda on December 8, it became clear from a comment by Hristo IvanovHe was born on September 13, 1974 in Sofia. Hristo Ivanov has a Master's degree in Law from Sofia from PP-DB in the parliamentary sidelines.

"Today there were consultations with the President of the National Assembly and I want to announce that we agreed that the next reading of the Constitution in Parliament will be on December 8. The expectation is that next week after that - December 12, 13, 14 - the rest of the readings will develop," he said.

"The hope is that we will be done by Christmas with the constitutional amendments. Of course, this will happen with the budget, so we will see if this schedule is met. But December 8 is the sure date," Ivanov said.

Asked whether the time between December 8 and 12 will be enough to propose and supplement the changes, the co-chair of the DB said that "discussions are constantly ongoing". "I am very pleased that round tables are held every 2-3 days. By 8 I hope a lot of the questions will be cleared. If there are serious arguments and we need additional time, we will discuss it, at the moment we hope that things will be crystallized by then, "the MP said.

In the decision of ITN and "VazrazhdaneVazrazhdane is a political party in Bulgaria, established in August 2014 as its President", which approached the Constitutional Court and are waiting to rule on whether it takes between 2 and 5 months between readings, he saw "an attempt to stop the process, but it is frivolous at this time".

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"The amendments to the constitution are only the first step towards the modernization and reform of the judiciary," Ivanov said.

"There are a few more rounds of discussion. The next one will be dedicated to the structure of the SJC and only then will we be able to definitively say how we will specify the texts," he said.

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