The leader of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Davyd Arakhamia, believes that Ukrainian politicians abroad should follow the example of the tradition of Americans who do not bring their internal strife to the surface. According to him, how and how the war in Ukraine will end depends on this.

He spoke about this in an interview with Natalia Moseychuk as part of the author's project "Moseychuk+".

According to him, in the current situation, a lot depends not only on Ukraine and the aggressor state, but also on many other stakeholders, so it is difficult for Ukrainian politicians to demonstrate their unity, at least abroad.

"Americans have very big quarrels inside, but when they come to us or just go abroad in their countries, they always say very 'respect' to the president, even if they are Republicans, it doesn't matter. They have only good things about their country. And we, unfortunately, do not have such a tradition," the leader of the largest parliamentary faction said.

Arakhamia stressed that the opposition's accusations against the authorities during trips abroad "are then taken up by our enemies and used against us."

"We need to develop such a tradition that when we go outside - we are all one team together, we come back - we can kill each other here," he summed up.

Political expert and journalist Vitaly Portnikov believes that Ukrainians should adapt to life in wartime. He noted that if Ukraine and Russia have the resources, the war could last until 2035