In Ukraine, it is necessary to develop a clearer plan for mobilizing people for the war, but there is no such plan yet.

This was stated by a member of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, head of the Servant of the People faction, Davyd Arakhamia, in an interview with Natalia Moseychuk as part of the author's project "Moseychuk+".

He noted that there is a mobilization resource in Ukraine and it is currently known.

"If we make a rotation, then we need to mobilize another half of the people in the country. If they don't, then they suffer. What to do about it, what is at least not a long plan, but at least a short one, for a year. They say to the military leadership: "Give me some vision." There is no vision. The vision is just to live as we have lived. And we are not satisfied with this," Arakhamia said.

In addition, Arakhamia said that the General Staff should draw up a war plan and submit it to the leadership of the state.

"The institution says: I want to fight next year, yes, I need so many people, I need to let go of so many people, because they are already fighting so much that they can't, and I need so much money. And no one in the country has such a plan," Arakhamia explained.

Earlier, it was reported that Arakhamia called the "tradition" on which the successful end of the war in Ukraine depends.

In addition, we previously reported that there is an ongoing discussion in Ukraine about whether it is worth disclosing the losses of the Ukrainian military in the second year of the war.

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