From November 27 to January 3, only two trucks a day will pass through the Medyka-Shehyni checkpoint on the border with Ukraine, which Polish carriers are blocking together with farmers.

According to Wiadomosci Rolnicze Polska, this was stated at a protest rally of Polish farmers, who were brought to the border with Ukraine by the leader of the new political force "Agrounia" Michał Kolodziejczak.

According to the organizers of the action, the blockade will last 24 hours a day, but all humanitarian aid, it seems, will arrive in Ukraine without restrictions.

In their statements, farmers complain about the low purchase prices for their products and the withdrawal of liquidity loans by the Polish government with which they were supported. The third demand of farmers is not to raise the land tax.

The speakers did not explain how the blockade of Ukraine's border should contribute to solving these problems.

"We stand in solidarity with the carriers, because these industries have suffered the most," Roman Kondrov, one of the organizers of the protest.

Earlier, the leader of the protest of Polish carriers, Rafal Meckler, a marginal politician from the far-right National Movement, announced the extension of the blockade to the fourth checkpoint on the border with Ukraine. He also stated that the blockade of the largest checkpoint Yahodyn-Dorohusk on the Ukrainian-Polish border will be extended until February 1, 2024.