The former head of the Property Management Department of the National Police, Ivan Naumov, continues to buy expensive cars and acquire other assets that do not correspond to his official income, even after his dismissal.

This is stated in the investigation of Bihus.Info.

According to journalists, new construction began next to the fence of the recreation complex in May 2022.

"This is an elite cottage town NAVY Village, where a hotel complex, a spa, a yacht pier, and 20 brand new cottages should grow on 75 hectares of land on the coast of the bypass canal in the Vyshhorod district of the Kyiv region," the investigation says

The price of one cottage ranges from 12 to 23 million hryvnias.

Journalists claim that they pretended to be potential buyers and came to the construction site. A tour of the future cottage town for them was allegedly personally conducted by Ivan Naumov.

He boasted of ties to local authorities, which he said would help restrict access to the beach to everyone except residents of the cottage community.

In addition, Naumov continues to use luxury cars. A few months ago, Naumov received a power of attorney to use a 2021 Aston Martin DBX. Its cost starts from 6 million hryvnias. Naumov himself assured that the car did not belong to him.

2021 Aston Martin DBX / Photo:

According to the publication, Naumov is often seen driving a 43 MERCEDES-BENZ GLC 2020 worth about 60 thousand dollars, registered to his ex-wife.

Another car, a Tesla model 3 2019, which costs an average of 25 to 30 thousand dollars, belongs to Mykola Naumov, the son of a former employee of the National Police.

According to journalists, the income of Naumov and his son in recent years is not commensurate with the expenses and acquired assets. Naumov, on the other hand, did not explain to journalists the origin of his wealth, calling himself "an ordinary pensioner looking for opportunities to earn money."

"Today, I see any legal way to make money. As a pensioner, of course this is important. And I need to feed my family. Therefore, you understand: construction, sale of land plots, all the same. Everything that is within the limits, so to speak, of the current official legislation. It is not forbidden to engage in it, to earn money. The fact that there is an assumption of where it comes from, listen, there are competent authorities," Naumov said.

As a reminder, Ivan Naumov was dismissed from law enforcement agencies in 2020 due to an investigation by journalists about the work of his family's recreation complex during quarantine.

In 2017, it was reported that Naumov's mother-in-law turned out to be the owner of an elite car and real estate worth half a million dollars.

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