The Legislative Council (LegCo) has debated the motion of thanks for the Policy Address for three consecutive days from today. The chairperson of the internal committee, DAB Li Wai-king, who introduced the motion, said that the Policy Address had incorporated many suggestions from Members, including reducing the spicy property market, distributing incentives for newborn babies, and implementing the construction of green mass transport systems in Kowloon and the New Territories. She also pointed out that Li Jiachao has shown responsibility in safeguarding national security.

However, Election Committee member Kong Yuk-huan used a garden as a metaphor for the 150 performance indicators (KPIs) proposed in the new Policy Address, but for the time being, the government has not clearly stated what flowers it hopes to plant in the end.


The three-day debate on the Speech of Appreciation was divided into four sessions, with one session on the theme of implementing "One Country, Two Systems" to safeguard national security and improve governance. Speaking at the ceremony, Lee Wai-king, who introduced the motion, said that she was glad to see that this year's Policy Address had adopted a number of Members' views, including the reduction of the property market, the reduction of stamp duty on stocks, and the proposal of a number of measures to encourage childbirth.

Li Huiqiong pointed out that Lee Jiachao attaches great importance to the positive interaction with the Legislative Council, and the work of the Legislative Council to examine the bill in the coming year is still arduous.

Leung supports the completion of the 23 pieces of legislation as soon as possible

Leung Mei-fan of the Hong Kong Democratic Alliance said that this year's Policy Address fully listened to the voices of all walks of life, describing it as a steady and steady, seeking truth from facts, and responding to the people's voice, and pointed out that there are a number of measures worthy of praise, including clearly setting out the legislative timetable for Article 23 of the Basic Law. Leung, who is also a member of the Basic Law Committee, pointed out that the community should not forget that "soft confrontation" is always around us, and if we are not careful, the root cause of the chaos will recur and continue to break out like the epidemic, so she strongly supports the 23-point legislation to complete the homework that Hong Kong has not yet done.

Using the garden as a metaphor for performance indicators Jiang Yuhuan pointed out that he had not seen the government explain what flowers he came up with

In the new Policy Address, a total of 150 performance indicators were introduced, of which 73 were new indicators, and the 150 indicators did not seem to have brought the collaboration between various government departments closer.

Kong hopes that the government will clearly stipulate and measure identifiable concrete outcomes in areas such as housing, education, medical welfare, etc., otherwise even if the KPIs are met, it may not be of much significance, stressing that the public hopes that the garden will blossom and bear fruit.

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