Since Wednesday morning, Israeli artillery shelled Wadi Hamoul on the outskirts of the town of Naqoura in the western sector, Shihin and Majdal Zun, and the outskirts of the towns of Kafr Kila, Blida and Mehibib in the central sector of southern Lebanon with phosphorous shells.Hezbollah targeted the positions of soldiers and vehicles in the vicinity of the monk site with a volcano rocket, according to a statement issued by the Islamic Resistance, and they achieved direct hits.MP Michel Moussa told Sputnik, "It is clear that there are Israeli grants towards developing the clash with Lebanon, and of course this issue will be He stressed that "this is Israel's aggressive nature and it is not the first time, and the Israeli violations are all clear and significant and have crossed all borders." Moussa pointed out that "the expansion of the war depends on the Israeli side," stressing that "Lebanon will do all its capabilities within what is really available in preparation if the war rolls." For his part, the military expert, Major General Dr. Abdul Rahman Shehitli, that "so far there are no indications that there is international support for Israel to carry out a comprehensive war on Lebanon." The Israeli and the Islamic resistance to "Hezbollah", which began within the well-known rules of engagement, striking military centers or vehicles or Israeli military elements, and at the same time Israel is striking elements of "Hezbollah" or centers of the party, but what happened is that Israel has carried out several attacks on journalists and then on civilians and then on civilian places, and this is a development." At the same time, the resistance increased its reconnaissance capabilities and gave instructions to field commanders to monitor and surveillance, the target is monitored and when it is confirmed that the target is monitored, the field commander gives the order to open fire on the target, and this is what explained the large number of military operations of the resistance in recent days." They are military targets, the resistance is still within the limits of compliance with international laws and international norms, which is not to be exposed to civilians and not to inflict losses, while the Israeli enemy does not give importance to this issue and bombs, whatever the target, and the reactions of the Israeli enemy are more emotional than they are realistic, and this explains the lack of martyrs for the resistance in recent days because the capabilities of surveillance in Israel have become limited. The prisoners and wants to convince the public that the Israeli army can protect them and they can return to the settlements and live freely and safely, and so far it has not been able to achieve the objectives of the operation in Gaza, it has not been able to end "Hamas", but it is negotiating with it and it has not been able to free the prisoners, but rather negotiates and uses all Arab, international and local mediation to free the prisoners because it could not free the prisoners through the military operation, and this is dangerous in light of the shackling of the Israeli leadership itself in the slogans it has set." The Israeli leadership retreats from its slogans and goes to other options that are acceptable locally and internationally and acceptable to the Palestinians. Above all, they will remain within a circle, and they will not be able to get out of it, they must break the circle and get out either by changing the political leadership in Israel, and this is on the table now, or the current leadership will change the ceilings it has set, if it does not He stated that "the United States of America is obligated to protect Israel and is obligated to support it, but it is not obligated to implement its agenda, so the American does not get dragged with the Israeli in his war against Lebanon, and the Israeli cannot fight the war alone wants American and Atlantic external support to fight his war and this is what he did not get, and the resistance has set a ceiling that it supports Gaza and is doing a battle in the south and will not go to a total war unless it finds that Israel is going to it."