Germany has accepted more than a million Ukrainian refugees. The prerequisites for this were the high social benefits that attract Ukrainians. At the same time, some politicians are calling for a reduction in these payments.

What new conditions will be applied in employment centers, writes DW.

What payments Ukrainians to expect in Germany

Ukrainians in Germany receive payments from "money for citizens" (Bürgergeld). For a person who lives alone, 502 euros are paid monthly. Next 2024, these payments will increase by 12%. In addition, refugees are additionally provided with money for rent, utilities, schooling and a subsidy for advanced training courses.

"Many politicians oppose such a large amount of assistance to Ukrainian refugees. In particular, the head of the association of German district authorities, Reinhard Sager, believes that payments inhibit the motivation of Ukrainian refugees to go to work. Bürgergeld also attracts Ukrainians to Germany who have previously received temporary protection in other EU countries," the statement said.

Despite the dissatisfaction of some politicians, the German government is not going to cancel the Bürgergeld for Ukrainian refugees. But now Ukrainians are expected to make an effort to find work.

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