Russian propagandists spread a new fake that a third of Ukrainian youth allegedly left for the Russian Federation "because of better medicine and working conditions."

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security drew attention to this in its Spravdi Telegram channel.

The Centerʼs analysts found out that the Global Service and the Euporean Migration Support Bureau, which allegedly conducted this survey, do not exist, and the information about the survey itself is fiction.

"And the name of the Euporean Migration Support Bureau, most likely, was misspelled – Euporean instead of European," the experts note.

Screenshot of fake news by Russian propagandists / Photo:

Structures with similar names that deal with refugee issues do exist (for example, the European Union Agency for Asylum and the European Asylum Support Office), but none of them has published such data.

As of December 31, 2022, the UN estimated that there were 1.2 million Ukrainian refugees in Russia. At the same time, the Department notes that "the figure is estimated, since potential further movements or returns cannot be taken into account at this time."

In fact, many Ukrainians from the occupied territories leave for the Russian Federation due to the lack of alternative evacuation routes. Then they try to leave the aggressor country, going home through third countries, or stay in Europe.

In addition, the Russians are forcibly deporting Ukrainians, including children.

Obviously, with such fakes, the Kremlin is trying to justify its own war crimes and show that Ukrainians allegedly still have a normal attitude towards Russia, and the Putin regime instead "cares" about them.

Earlier it was reported that the Russians are creating clones of Ukrainian media and promoting pro-Kremlin narratives there.

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