Chief Executive John Lee met reporters before attending the Executive Council this morning (21st), and was asked whether he would refer the national security case to the mainland for trial, Lee said that he was confident that Hong Kong would handle the national security case, and he also had confidence in law enforcement officers, but reminded the external forces of the color revolution in 2019 to be vigilant.


Li Jiachao: The district election should be a political that fights for ideas, not insults and shoddy personal attacks

The District Council election will be held on the 10th of next month, and Mr Lee Ka-chiu met reporters before attending the Executive Council to promote the election again. He pointed out that less than three weeks before the polling day, the Registration and Electoral Office (REO) had set up more than 600 direct election polling stations for about 433.18 million electors to cast their votes, and one local committee polling station in each of the 1 districts. In addition, 2 polling stations near the border were set up to remind the need for pre-registration, providing 3,8 places. He pointed out that candidates are actively appearing in the district to win support, and there are publicity banners in all districts of Hong Kong, and that under the new system, everyone should fight for ideas, achievements, and healthy competition, rather than political that insult inferior people and make personal attacks.

The RTHK and Hong Kong Restart Alliance will hold an election forum next week for candidates to introduce their manifestos, and the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, the Information Services Department and Secretaries of Departments and Bureaux will all publicize the district elections. He had earlier distributed leaflets to Shun Lee Estate to promote the election, and there were advertisements on buses and MTR, and the authorities would continue to create an atmosphere.

On polling day, 3,<> civil servants will serve as polling stations and other district election work, and he pointed out that civil servants have the responsibility to support the implementation of policies, and that voting in elections is a civic responsibility, and civil servants should set an example to fulfill their civic responsibilities and vote.

Avoid talking about turnout? Li Jiachao did not respond positively

In the District Council election, was asked whether the government avoided talking about voter turnout. Lee did not respond positively, but only pointed out that the District Council election is very important, and people who will serve the community will be elected, and it is necessary to ensure that the District Council members are patriots. He said that the government encouraged citizens to vote, voting is a civic duty, and the 18 districts are the homes of citizens, so they can elect suitable people to build the community, and called on civil servants to vote.

Lee expects the Asia-Pacific region to be the focus of economic development in the next five years

When asked what the public have on the Policy Address and how it will be improved in the future, Mr Lee said that most of the public are concerned about the timing and intensity of policy implementation, and many of them support the direction of the policy, but some have concerns about the use of resources. While acknowledging that the Government should pay attention to resource allocation, Mr Lee stressed that the views of political parties and the public had been taken into account when setting priorities, and that the views of the public would also be taken into account when organising activities and promoting blueprints.

As for how Hong Kong can grasp the opportunities of the Asia-Pacific region in the future, Mr Lee believes that the Asia-Pacific region will be the focus of economic development in the next five years, which also confirms the eastward shift of the economy. He believes that Hong Kong should focus on regional cooperation, so he has visited ASEAN. He will also explore opportunities in emerging markets; Playing the role of Hong Kong's super connector and super value-added person, it means that Hong Kong has highly praised talents who provide professional business services; By leveraging the advantages of the eight centres, I believe that Hong Kong's advantages can be introduced to other home buyers and economies, and through Hong Kong's development opportunities, it is bluntly said that it is attractive to the international community in terms of competing for talents and practicing common law, and Hong Kong has good supporting facilities to enter the mainland market, I believe that the opportunities given to the world are great. He added that in the face of a high-interest rate environment, there is a global consensus to explore regional cooperation.

Will the sanctions be lifted after the Xi visit? Li Jiachao: Communication should be two-way

Asked what impact the Chinese and US heads of state will have on the situation in Hong Kong after the meeting at APEC and whether the sanctions against him will be lifted, Li Jiachao said that the meeting and communication between national leaders and different leaders in APEC has brought encouraging messages to Hong Kong, because Hong Kong has always supported the opening up measures to benefit the economic development of the people, stressing that Hong Kong will do different things to maintain this positive development, but he pointed out that trade is a joint effort between the two sides. As for the sanctions against him, Li Jiachao said that he scoffed at this, believing that the sanctions would affect communication and exchanges, emphasizing that communication should be two-way, and the Hong Kong government will do its own and do its best, but the other party's unreasonable bullying is the other party's problem, and he hopes that the United States can take the initiative for economic development and regional cooperation.

Referring to the Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po attending the APEC meeting on behalf of the Chief Executive this time, Mr Lee Jiachao pointed out that Mr Chan Mo-po explained Hong Kong's advantages at the meeting, which can expand the circle of friends and expand regional cooperation, and he is very happy to achieve his goal. Regarding President Xi Jinping's meeting with US President Joe Biden, Mr Lee said that the cooperation between the two countries is a good start, and the HKSAR will actively participate in strengthening ties. Hong Kong and the United States have co-operation in commerce and trade, and trade is beneficial to both sides.

Mr Lee also pointed out that the good performance of the Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po in APEC has strengthened the opportunities for regional cooperation in Hong Kong. He also pointed out that the Hong Kong Government has close communication with the Central Government, thanked the Central Government for its support and valued his views, and described communication with the Central Government as multifaceted.

Is the national security case submitted to the mainland for trial? Li Jiachao said that he was confident that he would be able to handle the national security case

Asked when Article 55 of the Hong Kong National Security Law will be used to transfer national security cases to the mainland for trial, Lee said that the ordinance clearly sets out three types of circumstances that must be transferred to the mainland, but stressed that "I am confident that Hong Kong can handle it, including the current mega cases", and also said that he has confidence in law enforcement officers, but reminded the external forces of the "color revolution" in 2019 to be vigilant.

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