The Ministry of Defense discovered how commanders purchased generators worth millions of hryvnias in one of the military units in Chernihiv oblast. In the end, most of the military was left without critical equipment at all.

Read more about the scandalous procurements in Artem Zyabkin's exclusive to TSN. UA.

38 million losses to the state due to cosmic prices for generators – the audit commission under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine exposed the command of one of the Chernihiv military units on colossal expenses from the budget.

The Internal Audit Service of the Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, conducted an inspection of one of the military units in Chernihiv region. The auditors found violations that led to losses to the state in the amount of UAH 38.8 million.

In particular, the largest of the four violations is the unjustified overstatement of the cost of generators purchased in 2022, which caused UAH 37.1 million in losses.

It is also suspicious that the officials of the military unit entered into additional agreements with suppliers, which changed the terms of the contract. And this significantly overestimated the final amount of expenses.

In the period from October 2022 to April 2023, when generators were critically needed by the military, most of them were not supplied to military units, but accumulated in warehouses. The share of generators issued for use did not exceed 15% of those purchased.

It is not clear whether the commanders of the procurement did it deliberately, but they knew for sure that they would not pass the audit of the auditors. According to the Ministry of Defense, the military unit prevented the inspection. But as you can see, the commission did get to the bottom of the truth. The conclusions of the audit are already in the hands of law enforcement officers.

Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Dzhygir spoke about another scandal. According to him, the department plans to check everyone systematically.

2We will continue to systematically identify errors and violations. This is a systematic and uncompromising work. According to the law, we treat obstruction of internal audit actions as an offense. We need strong organizational immunity from financial abuse," the deputy minister said.

Not so long ago, Defense Minister Rustem Umerov made a loud statement and equated corruption with terrorism. In particular, they will fight the illegal resale of fuel for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ministry even figured out how to expose fraudsters in the future. In particular, the Ministry of Defense will oblige suppliers to mark fuel for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in red.

So, if you see that unusually bright fuel is being poured into your tank, contact the police immediately. Scammers should not be allowed to profit from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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A new scandal in the military unit! Critically necessary things were taken away from the defenders!

Earlier it was reported that the former official of Kyivzelenbud stole thousands of liters of fuel intended for the military.

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