The Russian authorities are using hybrid warfare tactics to create a new migration crisis on the border with European countries, in particular in Finland.

This is stated in the report of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The Kremlin decided to repeat the tactics used by Russia and Belarus in 2021 on the border with Poland on the Finnish-Russian border. This could similarly aim to destabilise NATO.

In 2021, the Kremlin used a fabricated migration crisis to accuse NATO of alleged aggression against Belarus.

The Russian Federation has repeatedly stated that it will take any countermeasures it deems necessary to ensure its own security.

Experts are confident that the creation of a migration crisis in Finland is one of the steps to destabilize the political situation in NATO countries.

Earlier, it was reported that Finland plans to close all checkpoints on the eastern border with Russia. The reason is the facilitation by Russian border guards of the crossing of illegal immigrants from third countries.

In addition, we previously reported that in Finland, near the border with the Russian Federation, they began to build temporary fences near the point of Vartius. The country's armed forces provide assistance to border guards.

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