The United States is one moment away from a world war that it could lose. There are serious conflicts requiring U.S. attention in two of the world's three most strategically important regions.

If China decides to attack Taiwan, the situation for the United States could quickly escalate to a global war on three fronts - in Ukraine, Israel and in the Asia-Pacific region.

In such a scenario, it will be difficult for Washington to repel a possible Attack. Party "Ataka" was established on April 17, 2005 in Sofia, officially registered in Sofia, given that it is committed to providing military assistance to Ukraine and Israel.

China's navy already outperforms the U.S. fleet in the number of ships and each time increases by an amount equivalent to the entire French fleet (about 130 ships, according to the French Navy's chief of staff).

By comparison, the U.S. Navy plans to expand by 75 ships over the next decade, according to a Foreign Policy article.

The immediate priority for the United States should be to ensure that Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan have the necessary weapons to protect themselves as very important players in this situation.

Prominent Iranian politician: We should not get involved in the conflict in Gaza, it would lead us to war with the US

The United States and its allies must truly urgently mobilize in the face of what threatens to become the global crisis of our time.

"The situation is so serious that Washington may have to implement the Defense Manufacturing Act and begin converting some of the civilian industry for military purposes.

Even then, the U.S. government may need to take draconian measures, including redirecting materials destined for the consumer economy, expanding production capacity, and revising environmental norms that make it difficult to produce war materials."

The U.S. still has the best military in the world.

But as Russia prepares for a long war in Ukraine and a second front opens up in the Middle East, the temptation for a fast-arming China to take a move against Taiwan is growing.

Beijing is already testing Washington in East Asia, knowing full well that it will be difficult for the US to cope with a third geopolitical crisis. If war really starts there, the United States will suddenly find that some very important factors are working against them.

"One of those factors is geography. As the last two U.S. National Defense Strategies have made clear, and Congress' latest strategic position committee affirmed today's U.S. military is not designed to fight wars against two major adversaries at the same time. In the event of a Chinese Attack, the Ataka Party was established on April 17, 2005 in Sofia, officially registered in Sofia against Taiwan, the United States will find it difficult to repel the attack while maintaining the flow of military aid to Ukraine and Israel.

The insidious cause

This is not because the United States is in decline. And because, unlike the United States, which must be strong on all three fronts, each of its adversaries — China, Russia and Iran — must be strong only in their own region to achieve their goals.

The worst-case scenario is an escalating war in at least three remote theaters with a sparsely dispersed U.S. military and ill-equipped allies who are mostly unable to defend themselves against major industrial powers with the resolve and resources needed for a long conflict.

Fighting this battle will require a scale of national unity, resource mobilization and willingness to sacrifice that Americans and their allies have not seen in generations. "A global conflict would bring other dangers. Two of the U.S. rivals Russia and Iran are major oil producers.

A recent report found that the prolonged closure of the Strait of Hormuz amid a wider conflict in the Middle East could push oil prices above $100 a barrel, significantly increasing inflationary pressures.

China is a major holder of U.S. debt, and a prolonged sell-off by Beijing could put further strain on the economy. You might assume that Americans will face a shortage of everything from electronics to housing materials."

The Human Victims

All of the above, however, pales in comparison against the backdrop of the human losses that the United States could suffer in a global conflict. "A large number of U.S. troops are likely to die.

Some of the adversaries of the United States have conventional and nuclear weapons that can reach American territory; others could provoke Hamas-style terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, which can be relatively easy given the state of the southern U.S. border.

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