President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden recently met at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting. Chief Executive John Lee was asked if he was confident that the United States would lift the sanctions against him, saying that communication should be between the two sides, describing "the other party I need to communicate with" as unreasonable bullying and the responsibility lies with the other side, reiterating that he scoffed at the sanctions, "there must be two sides, any communication".


Confident that the sanctions will be lifted? Li Jiachao hopes to take the initiative to promote good development

Li Jiachao said that the leaders of China and the United States met in APEC to discuss different issues, and there was a good meeting process, which I believe is encouraging to the world and Hong Kong, "because Hong Kong has always supported the purpose of APEC, which is to promote economic development and promote each other's opening up measures, so that the economy can benefit people in different regions", stressing that Hong Kong will implement the work towards positive development, but he stressed that both sides must work together to promote and trade.

Asked if he was confident that the United States would lift the sanctions against him, Li Jiachao bluntly said that he felt "scoffed" at the sanctions, pointing out that the sanctions will definitely affect the exchanges between governments, and they will also affect promotional activities to a certain extent, even if Hong Kong is a fully open government and society that is very supportive of cooperation and communication, "but it is necessary to have both sides, any communication", the Hong Kong government will "do what you should do and do your best", describing that if "the other party I need to communicate with" is unreasonable and bullying, it is the responsibility of the other party. In terms of overall trade, Mr Lee pointed out that Hong Kong and the United States are the biggest beneficiaries of trade between Hong Kong and the United States, and that they should take the initiative to promote good development for the sake of economic development and regional cooperation.

Thanks to Paul Chan for reflecting the actual situation in Hong Kong to Xi Jinping

Mr Lee mentioned that the Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, had been appointed to attend the APEC meeting, and praised him for his positive value at the meeting, achieving the goals of comprehensively introducing Hong Kong's opportunities, expanding his circle of friends, and strengthening economic and trade cooperation. Regarding Xi Jinping and Chen Mobo's talk about the situation in Hong Kong during APEC, Li Jiachao pointed out that the communication between the Hong Kong government and the central government is smooth, "I am very grateful to the central government for attaching great importance to my views on the governance of the SAR government, and I will report to the chairman of the central committee and the prime minister every year, so our communication methods are in all aspects", he once again thanked Chen Mobo for reflecting the actual development of Hong Kong to President Xi Jinping at APEC, pointing out that Xi Jinping is very concerned about the development of Hong Kong.

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