The Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready for combat operations in winter and have the necessary means to succeed.

This was stated by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during a visit to Kyiv.

"I think they (Ukrainian troops – ed.) ready for combat in the winter, and, of course, they did a great job last year," the Pentagon chief said.

He also clarified that the latest $100 million military aid package includes winter equipment.

"So yes, they have all the means they're going to need to succeed in fighting in the winter. I think I agree with President Zelensky that the right decision is to continue to put pressure on the enemy, to fight," Austin said.

At the same time, the head of the Pentagon warned that there is no "magic wand" to end the war in Ukraine.

"In a conflict such as this, there is no 'silver bullet' ('magic wand'). It's all about providing the right capabilities, and how those capabilities are integrated to achieve results on the battlefield," Austin said.

"Therefore, whether it's F-16s, or HIMARS, or something else, the main thing is how you use these capabilities," he added.

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