Daniel Hagari's remarks came at a press briefing in Tel Aviv.

"We have informed the families of 388 soldiers and army officers of their deaths since the war began."

He said at the press conference:

  • We found weapons and intelligence near schools and hospitals, because this is the nature of Hamas, which exploits the population as human shields.
  • The soldiers found marchers inside a mosque in the Zeitoun area that had been turned into a weapons laboratory, and found a tunnel opening in it.
  • The Air Force is launching air strikes to minimize the risk to our ground forces and these forces continue to advance as planned and it takes time and patience.
  • War is phases and every day we conduct operational assessments.
  • The army decides the size of the reserve forces in the battle and we are calculating some of these troops that are sent home, depending on several factors, including keeping the economy in good shape and being able to continue fighting.
  • In the north, the IDF attacked Hezbollah terrorist structures with air force aircraft, tanks and artillery in a major operation.
  • We eliminated a number of terrorists who fired rockets and a cell that tried to fire rockets at us.
  • Hezbollah launched marches towards Israeli territory, and our response was violent, and we are ready to respond