The book "Polska na wojnie" ("Poland at War") by journalist Zbigniew Parafianowicz was published in Poland, which tells about secret facts previously hidden from the world. This book contains information from high-ranking members of the Polish government and the president, as well as officers of the army and special services. All of them remain anonymous.

International commander and publicist Filip Domb-Mirowski reports that the book tells about the beginning of Russia's future war and the next months of Ukraine's struggle for independence, about Polish-Ukrainian relations and cooperation, about the catastrophic forecasts of Western politicians and experts, about Belarus' plans to fight on the side of Russia, and more.

Interesting and previously unknown facts

The Printing House website contains the main theses from the book. Including:

The same book mentions that at the beginning of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine in the spring of 2022, Poland investigated a possible assassination attempt on President Andrzej Duda. We are talking about the flight of the president and the head of the General Staff to meet with Biden in Rzeszów.

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