All attempts by the Russian occupiers on the left bank to throw Ukrainian troops into the Dnieper and eliminate a number of Ukrainian bridgeheads ended in nothing. This is recognized by the occupiers themselves. In particular, Russian military correspondents claim that Ukrainian troops, with the support of artillery, hold a bridgehead in the area of Krynky, and in the area of Poima, and Pishchanovka.

This was stated on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by military-political analyst Dmitry Snegiryov.

Moreover, he says, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to the Russian side, have the opportunity to conduct additional amphibious operations at the time of increasing the military contingent on the left bank.

Also, the Russian occupiers actually recognize the impossibility of using the same attack aircraft and, accordingly, attack drones due to the active work of the Ukrainian electronic warfare system, Dmytro Snegiryov added.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine put pressure on the occupiers

As a positive point, he emphasized the fact that the Russian side recognizes the successful nature of the counter-battery fight by the Armed Forces of Ukraine using both the geographical location, i.e. the right, the bank controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the highest, and, accordingly, the tactical and technical characteristics of the weapons.

"The occupiers are forced to admit that under the cover of the means of destruction - these are barrel rocket artillery, T-64 tanks, which are actually used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine as means of fire support, that is, self-propelled guns - the Armed Forces continue to put pressure on the positions of Russian troops on the left bank," the analyst said.

The futility of holding the left bank by the occupiers

"Let's talk about the fact that the Russian media report, which was later refuted, about the possibility of making so-called unpopular decisions, is not an information and psychological operation, as they tried to convince us. Obviously, we are talking about a contradiction in decision-making between the military leadership of the occupying country and the political one," the expert believes.

He noted that the military leadership is well aware of the further futility of holding the left bank of the Kherson region: "Let me remind you that there is about 70 km of occupied territory deep and this entire territory, even with the use of weapons, first of all, MLRS HIMARS, Mars II, RM-70 Vampire, it is shot literally to the administrative borders of Crimea."

"We are no longer talking about more accurate weapons, such as air-launched cruise missiles with a range of more than 300 km, or the same American weapons with a range of up to 150 km — we are talking about a warhead with cluster munitions. That is why such a contradiction arose in the reports of the Russian media," Dmitry Snegiryov said.

But, he says, a political decision was made: "Against the background of the offensive of Russian troops in the Avdiivka, Maryinka, and Bakhmut directions, respectively, it is obvious that the Russian political leadership should have sold another dubious success to the occupying army, and not stated the fact of military defeat."

To recap, the Ukrainian military continues to hold positions on the left bank of the Dnieper and is transferring additional forces there.