Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po, who attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Informal Summit in San Francisco on behalf of Chief Executive John Lee, summed up the itinerary and was asked about the two exchanges with President Xi Jinping during the two-day meeting. As for Xi Jinping's response, Chan Mo-po only said that Xi Jinping listened carefully to his report and was very aware of the work of the SAR government.

After President Xi Jinping took the initiative to talk to Chen Mobo twice for about four minutes during the first day of the meeting, Xi Jinping spoke with Chen Maobo twice during the second day of the meeting, which lasted about three minutes.

Chen Maobo summarized the APEC itinerary and said that Xi Jinping is very concerned about Hong Kong (screenshot of the live broadcast screen)

Chan Mo-po said that he explained to Xi Jinping that fighting for the economy and improving people's livelihood is the top priority of the SAR government, and also told the other party about the Hong Kong government's measures to compete for enterprises and talents, and attract investment, such as the announcement in September that it has successfully attracted more than 9 enterprises to Hong Kong. He said he also reported to Xi Jinping on his visits to high-tech companies in San Francisco. He also said that the leaders who came into contact during the meeting all believed that the China-US summit would open up more dialogues.

Chan Mo-bo: It is expected that many economies will reflect the financial deficit

Summing up the trip, he said that the trip had achieved the goal of promoting new opportunities in Hong Kong, making friends and attracting investment. During the Fiscal Meeting, participants focused on the global economic situation, which is expected to slow down next year, with higher downside risks.

Before the meeting, Chen Mobo talked with Xi Jinping for another 3 minutes

During President Xi Jinping's attendance at the informal summit of leaders yesterday (17th), he took the initiative to talk with Chen Mobo sitting next to him twice, which lasted about 4 minutes, during which Xi Jinping nodded and responded from time to time. Before the second day of the meeting, Chen Mobo spoke with Xi Jinping for a second time, which lasted three minutes.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Chan pointed out that the world needs to strengthen the buffer and resilience of the banking and financial systems, and that geo-economic fragmentation is a stumbling block to regional and global development, and hoped that APEC will continue to deepen cooperation in innovation and digital economy. After the meeting, Chen and the national delegation went to San Francisco International Airport to see Xi off as they left.

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