Financial Secretary Paul Chan, who is in San Francisco, attended a welcome reception at APEC. He posted a 49-word selfie with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook, emphasizing that he was appointed by the Chief Executive to attend the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in San Francisco on his behalf.

Chan Mo-po and Lee Hsien Loong took a selfie in 49 words, emphasizing the presence of the acting chief executive

Chen Mobo will attend the APEC APEC Economic Leaders' Informal Meeting on Thursday (16th) local time and exchange views with leaders in the region. Chen Mobo wrote a short 49-word post on Facebook that he was appointed by Chief Executive Lee Jiachao to attend the APEC Economic Leaders' Informal Meeting held in San Francisco, and he participated in the welcome reception yesterday (15th) evening local time. Expand collaborations.

Speaking at a lunchtime with representatives of Silicon Valley start-ups, venture capital funds and private equity funds, Mr Chan said that the Central Government has stated that "One Country, Two Systems" will be adhered to in Hong Kong for a long time, so that Hong Kong can maintain a good business environment, common law system, linked exchange rate system and international connections. the free flow of capital, goods, talent and information continues; international capital and talent pooling; Coupled with the advantages of the Greater Bay Area and the large Mainland and Asian markets, Hong Kong is the preferred location for foreign investors to explore the China and Asia-Pacific markets.

Paul Chan attended a business luncheon to introduce Hong Kong to start-up representatives. (Photo from Information Services Department)

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