The method of winding the thread on the finger is recommended by the rescue services. It is extremely effective and should be used in the worst situations. You will need a strong, thin thread (up to 1 meter long) and a paper clip.

First you need to take a paper clip and thread the thread through it, stretching it about 10 cm. Gently push the paperclip under the ring. Some people recommend replacing a paper clip with a needle, but then you need to be extremely careful.

The paper clip can now be removed, it has completed its task. Hold the short end of the thread with your fingers, and wrap the other end around your finger between the ring and the joint.

The part of the finger closer to the nail will swell even more. Don't be alarmed — it's normal. Now fix this end of the thread between your middle and ring fingers, and begin to gently pull the upper end out from under the ring, slowly turning around your finger. The ring will move closer to the nail plate along with the thread.

How to remove a ring from your finger: a few more methods

What To Do If You Can't Get The Ring Off Your Finger / Photo: Pexels

There are also less radical methods that will also help remove the ring from the finger:

Also, the finger can be lubricated with some means. For example, petroleum jelly, any vegetable oil, soap are perfect. You can also apply ice or frozen food to your finger to relieve swelling.