This was reported by the British edition of the Mirror. In the British diet, ordinary potatoes are one of the most important products, especially often mashed potatoes are made from them. Mashed potatoes are great for a variety of dishes, but it turns out that many people don't cook them correctly.

Mary-Frances Heck works in Bon Appetit's test kitchen. She shared her tips on how to make mashed potatoes that will be super tasty. Some of them can be really surprising.

The first tip is to use more than one variety of potato when preparing the dish. Although, according to Hake, it may not seem necessary, but different varieties help to significantly improve the texture of the future puree.

Don't forget to wash the fruit thoroughly as well. Of course, no one wants dirt particles in a dish. Also, boiling water should not be used to boil potatoes. The main trick is to pour the peeled tubers into cold water, then turn on medium heat so that the dish heats evenly.

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Another important tip from Mary-Frances is to season your potatoes generously. It is worth adding a lot of salt to the water, when the fruits absorb the seasoning, they will become much tastier. It is worth maintaining a stable temperature, if you increase the heat too much, the potatoes can boil and become watery.

Make sure you drain all of the water thoroughly after you cook the potatoes. Only then start grinding it. It is better to warm it up before adding milk. Then the puree will be perfectly smooth and warm. But the butter should be cold. It's best to take it straight from the fridge so that it gradually melts into a puree.