Hundreds of Myanmar nationals are standing near the border to seek refuge.

Special things

  • Assam Rifles guards Indo-Myanmar border
  • 6 districts of Mizoram share border with Myanmar
  • Assembly elections were held in Mizoram on November 7.

In Myanmar, the junta army is fighting rebels from the People's Defense Force (PDF). These rebels are constantly challenging the military rule. Hundreds of Myanmar nationals have been camping near the border to seek refuge, triggering
a stir in Mizoram, bordering Myanmar Unrest. Meanwhile, the Assam Rifles of the Indian Army met village heads and civil society group leaders in Mizoram settlements near the Myanmar border to discuss the current situation in Myanmar.

Intelligence sources said the latest fighting has led to a influx of Chin-Kuki refugees into India from Myanmar via Mizoram. Assembly elections were held in Mizoram on November 7. Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga has welcomed more than 32,<> refugees from Myanmar in recent years, citing family and kinship.

Assam Rifles officials met village heads and representatives of civil society group Young Mizo Association in Champhai district of eastern Mizoram.

Sources said hundreds of refugees have fled to border villages in Mizoram due to the exchange of fire between the junta army and the PDF, the armed wing of Myanmar's National Unity government. According to media reports quoting villagers, more than 100 families from Myanmar have taken shelter in Zokhawthar village in Champhai district of Mizoram.

February 2021, more than 2021,6 Myanmar refugees have arrived in Zokhawthar village. In February 2021, Myanmar's military recaptured power in a coup. After this, about 32 thousand men, women and children of Myanmar have taken shelter in many districts of Mizoram.

six districts - Champhai, Siaha, Longtlai, Serchhip, Hanathial and Saitual - share a 6-km-long unfenced international border with Myanmar's Chin state. The Assam Rifles guards the Indo-Myanmar border.

Mizoram's neighbouring state of Manipur has witnessed ethnic clashes
between the hill-dominated Kuki tribes and the valley-majority Maitei community over the issue of shrinking land, resources and political power amid a surge in the number of refugees and illegal immigrants. Clashes between the two communities in Manipur have been going on since May 3.

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