BSF personnel celebrate Deepotsav on border


Jaisalmer: Bsf posts along the India-Pakistan border amidst the Thar desert in the border district of Jaisalmer witnessed tremendous enthusiasm on the day of Chhoti Diwali. The soldiers posted on the border are always ready to protect us so that people can celebrate this festival celebrated across the country with laughter.

This spirit is ingrained in these sons of Mother India. This is the reason why these soldiers have more passion for national security than the desire to be away from their loved ones. However, since 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been celebrating Diwali every year with soldiers on the country's border and boosting the morale of the armed forces. His spirit is an example for the country.

Among the BSF personnel deployed on the border, the ideal of 'duty first' is built in their Rome-Rome. This Diwali, the soldiers have decorated lamp garlands on the border, which looks very beautiful. Every year, the Prime Minister celebrates his Diwali with the soldiers engaged in the service of the country in these remote areas. Even on the festival of Diwali, the Border Security Force personnel are stationed on the border in the security of the country away from their home and share the happiness of Diwali with their military colleagues.


A lamp in one hand and a weapon in the other.

Women posted in the border district connected to India-Pakistan have the door of the country's security in their hands, who have a diya in one hand and a weapon in the other. These women soldiers are standing ready to defeat the nefarious designs of the enemies on the borders. On the border of Jaisalmer district adjacent to the Indo-Pak border, brave daughters also celebrated their Diwali while protecting the border.

The soldiers distributed sweets and greeted them.

Seeing the spirit of these women with a gun on their shoulders and keeping a watchful eye on the enemy, every countryman's chest will swell with pride. Jaisalmer: Border Security Force (BSF) personnel along the Indo-Pak border in Jaisalmer district yesterday greeted each other by lighting Diwali diyas and distributing sweets among themselves. The wing of women soldiers of the Border Security Force also lit fireworks by lighting lamps at border posts.

Serving the country is the most important

The soldiers told that they stand alert on the border, so that the people of the country can celebrate the festival of Diwali in peace and happiness. Sitting hundreds of kilometers away from their families, these border guards are sharing the joy of Diwali with their fellow soldiers. The brave soldiers are very excited to celebrate the festival of Deepawali with their colleagues.

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