The spokesman for "Ansar Allah", Mohammed Abdul Salam, via "X" (formerly Twitter): "We in Yemen will continue to bear our responsibility before God towards Palestine at all costs." The statement announced, "blessing and full support for the honorable position and the advanced step taken by the leadership (meaning the leader of the Ansar Allah group Abdul Malik al-Houthi) and the announcement of the official participation of the armed forces in support of our brothers in Palestine." The position of "Ansar Allah" comes a day after the group's forces announced the launch of a batch of ballistic missiles at targets it described as "sensitive" in southern Israel, including military targets in Eilat, confirming that they were hit accurately and successfully.The attack of "Ansar Allah" on Israel is the sixth since the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the Gaza Strip on the seventh of last October, as the group announced, last Monday, the launch of drones. On targets it described as "sensitive" in Israel, which it said caused the suspension of movement at bases and airports, preceded by the group's announcement, last Wednesday, of a similar air attack on Israel.Last Tuesday, Ansar Allah forces claimed responsibility for carrying out an attack with ballistic missiles, winged missiles and drones on various targets in Israel, noting that it is the third of its kind, since the seventh of last October.