The Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress supported by a majority vote a bipartisan bill on the use of Russian assets to help Ukraine.

During the meeting, the committee approved the bill with 40 votes in favor and two against.

"Authorize the Secretary of State to provide additional assistance to Ukraine, as well as for other purposes, using assets confiscated from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and other sovereign assets of the Russian Federation," the document says.

Republican Congresswoman Maya McCaul, who submitted the document for consideration, said that the bill requires the administration of US President Joe Biden to transfer the frozen sovereign assets of the aggressor country to Ukraine.

"It's time for Russia to pay the price for the war it started," McCaul said.

The document stipulates that the Secretary of State, together with the United States Agency for International Development, within 180 days after the entry into force of the law, must provide the relevant congressional committees with "an assessment of Ukraine's most urgent needs for recovery, security assistance, and humanitarian assistance."

The bill stipulates that confiscated funds are accumulated in a special Ukraine Support Fund, and "if necessary, ownership and income from confiscated Russian sovereign assets are transferred to the United States government."

In addition, McCaul said during the hearing that the bill would make it impossible to return confiscated assets back to Russia until it pays compensation to Ukraine.

Earlier, it was reported that the United States could transfer $300 billion of frozen assets of the Russian Federation to Ukraine.

In addition, we previously reported that Belgium was the first in the world to announce that it would allocate 1 billion 700 thousand euros confiscated to support Ukraine. in the Russian Federation.

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