The head of the Vezha Center for Public Analysis, Valery Klochok, explained why Polish carriers are blocking the Polish-Ukrainian border. He stressed that this problem can be solved at the intergovernmental level.

He said this on the air of Channel 24.

The expert noted that there have always been long queues on the Polish-Ukrainian border and there are questions about the organization of checkpoints.

"Kilometer-long queues of trucks are commonplace to enter or exit Ukraine. And here there are questions about the organization of the work of checkpoints where customs and border control is carried out. As for the situation with carriers, the problem is that Ukrainian carriers have received permission to operate unhindered in Poland and the EU. As someone who is involved in the field of freight transportation in Ukraine, as I am the head of a small company, I can tell you competently that a very professional road transport market has been formed in Ukraine. The state has not contributed a single penny here, people form the market. Our market is really oversaturated," said Valeriy Klochok.

The expert added that after the start of the war, Ukrainian carriers began to work in Poland, which created competition for the Poles.

"When the war broke out, Poland lifted this savage requirement for permits. And Ukrainians went there, and this is competition. And when there are their competitors from another country on the territory of Poland, they will ask the authorities how they protect them. This is a normal process. It's not like the grain story, it's different. The indignation of Polish carriers is justified. Our government should think about what kind of subsidy to give to Ukrainian carriers so that they survive here. I believe that this issue needs to be resolved at the intergovernmental level. Our relations with Poland are normal," he said.

The analyst added that this means that Ukraine's path to joining the EU will be difficult, as our country can become a great competitor to other countries.

To recap, Polish carriers are blocking three checkpoints on the border with Ukraine.