Many people love scrambled eggs for breakfast. Plus, it's a quick and easy-to-make dish, so there's no hassle involved. However, if you don't cook the scrambled eggs correctly, liquid will appear in the dish and the eggs will become rubbery. However, there is a French cooking technique that will help you get a creamy, uniform texture of scrambled eggs, as the Daily meal writes.

How to Make Delicious Scrambled Eggs Using the French Method

The key to getting a delicious dish with the perfect creamy texture is to reduce the heat and increase the cooking time. Since slow cooking the eggs is crucial to making the scrambled eggs smooth and creamy. You can also add milk, water or cream to eggs, the main thing is to follow the rule of slow cooking.

French chef Jacques Papin explained that the essence of this technique is to prevent the eggs from overcooking. Therefore, they should be cooked over low heat, stirring continuously. You can also cook scrambled eggs in a water bath or periodically remove the pan from the heat. Continuous stirring is necessary to form a delicate creamy mass.

When the dish is almost ready, Jacques Pépin advises removing the pan from the heat and adding a cold ingredient to stop the cooking process. It could be some kind of sauce or a few spoonfuls of raw beaten eggs.

Serve this dish, on the advice of the chef, hot or warm.

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