Ukrainian director and producer Alan Badoev, who recently finished working on the documentary project "Long Day", admitted that he often reflects on why he is not on the front line.

In Alexei Sukhanov's YouTube project "Sukhanov Speaks", Badoev frankly shared the results of his thoughts. In particular, remembering his friends who are at the front, the director admitted that he was not yet ready to take up arms. It is difficult for the famous clip maker to come to terms with some terrible things, for which his conscience gnaws at him very much.

Alan Badoev / Photo: press service of the 1+1 channel

Now Badoev is trying to settle his emotional experiences, benefiting society in a different way. If he stops doing this, the clip maker admitted, then he "will not be able to treat himself normally."

Although this topic is sensitive for the director, he shared that he often asks himself similar "uncomfortable questions" alone and works through them:

"Why am I not at the front?" – I always ask myself. "Why didn't I take a machine gun? Because a lot of my friends took..." One part of me asks, "Is it scary?" "It's scary." "What exactly is scary?" "A lot of things are scary." And the other part says to do something to make me forgive myself. Do. Because if I don't do that, I won't be able to treat myself normally. In general, I can voice uncomfortable questions to myself in private, because I work with them," said Alan Badoev.

Alan Badoev / Photo: press service of the 1+1 channel

Earlier, Alan Badoev told which of the Ukrainian stars wrote the music for his documentary project "The Long Day". It should be noted that the film was created jointly with the TV channel "1 + 1 Ukraine".