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The European Commission has today presented a report recognising that the EU has reduced its dependence on fuel imports and significantly increased its production of renewable energy.

Last year, imports from Russia of fossil fuels were further limited, with coal supplies dropped, oil imports reduced to 10 percent of pre-war quantities, and gas halved and is expected to reach two-thirds this year. At the same time, gas demand in the EU has fallen by 2% compared to the previous five years.

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Gas storage in the EU is filled to 95-98% of the volume, and carbon pollution has fallen by three percent per year and by 32.5% compared to 1990 data. Already 39% of electricity produced in the EU comes from renewable energy, according to the report. It is added that in one year the share of energy produced by sunlight is 45 per cent more than in 2021.

The Commission has today proposed that EU countries further accelerate the issuance of permits for the deployment of renewable energy generation capacity. The Commission is ready to assist in determining the requirements for participation in tenders related to these proceedings. It is envisaged that the Commission will provide funds to increase wind power generation and expand the European electricity grid.

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