In the situation in the Middle East, the tactics that Iran will follow are very important. Without Iran, Russia will not be able to secure serious influence there.

This was stated by the director of the Center for Military and Legal Studies Oleksandr Musienko on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

According to him, after returning to the nuclear deal, Iran would refuse to support the Russian Federation.

The expert believes that Iran is playing its own game and is looking for opportunities under which it can return to the nuclear deal.

"I am almost sure that if Iran were to return to the nuclear deal, Tehran would immediately abandon Russia and abandon its support for Moscow. This is very characteristic of Iranian-Persian international policy," the expert said.

He also touched upon the topic of the destabilizing factor in the Middle East. According to him, even after the victory of the Israeli army over Hamas terrorists, the problems will not be exhausted.

"The contradictions between Israelis and Palestinians will not go away. In my opinion, Putin's call to Netanyahu and discussion of the escalation in the Middle East look completely inappropriate. After all, what can we talk about with Russia, which today brings only destabilization to these events and not only. They have no effect on stopping the bloodshed," Musienko explained.

Meanwhile, Iran is threatening Israel. This became clear during a meeting between Tehran's top diplomat and the Hezbollah leader. In particular, Tehran started talking about a "new front" because of Israel's military actions in Gaza.