In Kyiv, parents accuse a teacher of public kindergarten No. 513 of brutally beating a child. On October 11, the girl returned home with abrasions and bruises on her neck.

This was told to RBC-Ukraine by the girl's mother Anastasia Nasteka.

When the incident happened and who the parents blame

According to the mother, their child has been attending nursery at kindergarten No. 513 since September. Parents blame the teacher Nikitina Svetlana Fedorovna. Anastasia said that an employee of the educational institution began to make excuses that she allegedly accidentally scratched their child.

"I took the child to kindergarten unharmed. Already at 10 in the morning, the teacher called me back that she had accidentally scratched the child with her fingernail. But now everything is fine, because the wounds are covered with brilliant green. At 15 p.m., the man took the child. The teachers put on another blouse with a high neck for my daughter and he did not see anything," Anastasia explains.

Already at home, the daughter said that she and the teacher fought. According to the child, she covered her mouth with her hands and told her not to scream. Parents contacted 102.

"We called 102, but we were told to go to the police. Probably, they immediately passed this call to the kindergarten, because they began to call us. The child was very afraid to go somewhere, she was hysterical, because she thought that we were taking her to kindergarten. I asked not to do it," the woman says.

Abrasion and scratch of the child's cervical spine. Photo: Anastasia Nasteka

The child is afraid and does not want to go to kindergarten in tears

At the hospital, they wrote a diagnosis - abrasion and scratch of the cervical spine, the condition of severity is moderate. They gave a referral to a neurologist and a psychologist.

"The neurologist prescribed us medication and indicated that the child had acute neurosis after stress. He prescribed home treatment for 3 weeks. Tomorrow we are going to see a psychologist. The child refuses to get dressed, to go outside, he is afraid when the evening comes, because he asks if I will take him to kindergarten in the morning and starts crying because of it. He doesn't sleep well at night," the woman says.

The girl's diagnosis. Photo: Anastasia Nasteka

The family filed a complaint with the court for police inaction

According to the mother, law enforcement officers refuse to register the incident. They filed a complaint with the court for inaction. As explained by the police, due to insufficient evidence, they cannot register the case.

"When we arrived at the police, a juvenile policeman was supposed to take care of us, but he did not come out to us. Then they called us back, but there was no further movement. The police are not involved and do not even want to enter the case into the register," the woman said.

According to the woman, the lawyer wrote a complaint to the Department of Education and the district administration of the Goloseevsky district. He notes that this case will be difficult to prove, because there are no cameras in the kindergarten.

"There will be the word of the educator against the word of the child. You can continue to write complaints so that they create a commission and sort it out. But first we need to be recognized as victims," says Anastasia.

How to comment on the incident in the kindergarten

In the kindergarten, the management confirmed that they have such a teacher as Nikitina Svetlana Fedorovna. However, they declined to comment.

"I will not comment on anything over the phone, so far I cannot provide any information," replied the director of the institution Kapustyan Lyudmila Mikhailovna.

What Other Parents Say

The parents of the other children are shocked by the situation. As they said, they did not notice anything strange about their children.

"This teacher has a strong voice and it seems to the children that she is screaming. We understand that this is already an occupational injury, because she has been working there for 20 years and this is how she talks. Other parents did not notice the beatings on their children, but this is a nursery group and they do not speak yet. And mine is just the oldest and can speak in sentences," says Nasteka.

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