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How did the last minutes before the murder of the border policeman Petar Bachvarov go a year ago?

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The indictment in the case reveals details about the actions of the attackers and the reaction on the Bulgarian side to the fence.

Around 20:30 p.m. on November 7, 2022, police officer Petar Bachvarov and serviceman Rashko Rashkov stopped at the service jeep on the road near the fence with Turkey. The hole they notice there is about 60 cm or larger than usual. Then there are the fatal scenes that play out literally in minutes. First on the left side of the car gets off the policeman Petar Bachvarov.

30 seconds later, serviceman Rashko Rashkov put a lantern on his head and headed for the front of the jeep. The headlights are still shining. Just as Rashko Rashkov stands in front of them and also heads to the hole he hears the shots hitting the border policeman in the head as he stares at the hole.

The autopsy will show that the shot came from the right, and the expertise - that the murder was carried out with a hunting rifle with 12 caliber pellets. According to longtime shooting instructor and former lecturer at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior Trifon Karapenchev, aiming with such a weapon is related to specific circumstances.

The trial for the murdered Bulgarian border guard begins on October 12

"One of the most characteristic features of hunting weapons is that measuring instruments are adapted to conduct accurate shooting under normal lighting conditions, during the day, in order to accurately direct the hunting weapon at night, it is necessary to have a light source from somewhere to indicate the target to the shooter so that he can point the weapon at it." said Trifon Karapenchev, former lecturer at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior.

The closer the steletz is to the victim, the closer the pellets fall to each other. That was the case in this case, the autopsy showed.

"I have taken an ammunition that is 12 caliber. We open it, pour the pellets. They are of the middle class - they are used for game. Here it is (pour them and arrange them.) At 5-6 meters the scattering area will be about 20 cm. Something like that will happen," Karapenchev explained.

Immediately the shots Rashko Rashkov hides behind the car. From there he looks under the jeep and sees the still hand of Peter Bachvarov. When the oncoming fire stops, the serviceman fires with his weapon in warning. On the other side of the fence answer with 2-3 shots. Meanwhile, Rashko Rashkov ran 20 meters, behind the bushes, while shooting continued.

Eleven months later, in a courtroom in Edirne, alleged gunman Engin Erguvan said he fired at the light while initially telling his brother Mustafa that he heard the policeman hit and him fall to the ground.

"The unknown is more what made this man shoot. Because to use a weapon, given that you see the target and this is a uniformed employee, there should still be other motivational mechanisms to make it - this for me is the unknown, "the former professor told BNT.

And one more question remains unanswered after the indictment - why were both brothers found on the hands of both brothers after the weapon?

The two brothers who killed our border police officer have not met since one of them was in prison.

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