Apple has recently launched the iPhone-15 (iPhone 15) series at one of its events, since which people are desperate to buy it. This is a big gift for iPhone lovers not only in the country but around the world, which they were eagerly waiting for. People do not hesitate to stand in queues for this phone coming in the price of millions. A similar video is going viral on social media, in which a 'beggar' is seen buying an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In the viral video, the beggar is wearing a torn vest and lungi, with soot all over his body and face, and he enters a shop with a bag made of katto in his hands with a smile. When he reaches there and talks about getting an iPhone-15, the first shopkeeper informs that the phone is not available. After which the 'beggar' comes out smiling. After this, he goes to another shop and asks the shopkeeper if he has a model of the recently launched iPhone 15 Pro Max. After this, the shopkeeper says yes. The 'beggar' then flips both his bags full of coins to the ground, asking the shop to count him and give him an iPhone.

After this, the shopkeepers, along with some of their colleagues, start counting the amount of coins of the iPhone-15 Pro Max. This work takes an hour. When the amount is full, the shopkeeper smiles and gives the new iPhone-15 Pro Max to the 'beggar'. After this, the 'beggar' unboxes that phone in the shop itself and sets it up. Some people are also recording this whole scene in the camera. After this, the 'beggar' tells the shopkeeper that all this is a prank, and he is not even a beggar. He has disguised himself as a beggar to become popular and has come to buy an iPhone. After this, the shopkeeper starts laughing and then the beggar takes a photo with the shopkeeper with the box of the new iPhone in his hand. This video is being liked a lot on social media at this time.

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