In Kyiv, they plan to open traffic on the Podolsk-Voskresensky bridge in the coming weeks, Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said. The mayor noted that the Podilskyi Bridge is not only an arch over the Dnieper, which everyone sees, but 9.5 kilometers of the road over the islands and the Dnieper.

The website asked what is happening now at the construction site and whether we will really go along the crossing in the coming weeks, and also what kind of territory of the city the new bridge will connect.

The city authorities promised to open a road connection on the Podilskyi Bridge several times, but then changed their decision. This happened at the end of 2021 - due to financial difficulties and the pandemic. Then the mayor of Kyiv promised to open car traffic next 2022 and immediately start building a metro to Troieshchyna, the line should pass along the same bridge. But the promise did not become a reality because of the war.

What was done during the war?

After the mayor's last statement, the website asked the Kyiv City State Administration what work was carried out on the Podilskyi bridge crossing during the war.

"At the site "Construction of the Podilsky bridge crossing over the Dnieper River in the city of Kyiv" since the beginning of martial law, work has been carried out on the installation of waterproofing and asphalt concrete pavement of the bridgebed, work on the construction of an embankment of the roadbed, laying a rainwater sewerage network, installation of pavement, work on the installation of railings and barriers and noise barriers," Valentyn Kulbako told the website," Valentyn Kulbako told, served as Director of the Department of Transport Infrastructure of the Kyiv City State Administration.

He confirms the words of the mayor that the work on the opening of traffic on the bridge is at the final stage. But he does not specify whether the bridge will be opened in the coming weeks.

The mayor of Kyiv promises to open a road connection on the Podilskyi Bridge in the coming weeks /collage

"This year, it is planned to organize technological traffic and provide transport links in both directions between the right and left banks of the Dnipro River through the Podilsky bridge crossing," adds Valentyn Kulbako.

The work continues, but the tests are silent

At the same time, he could not answer our question: do they plan to test the bridge and how exactly will it be done?

Previously, before the opening of road traffic on the new bridges, they were loaded with vehicles to test the load-bearing capacity of the crossing. This is how the Northern and Southern bridges were tested, how it will be with Podolsky remains a mystery.

Actually, the time has not yet come to testing the bridge, construction work is still underway on the Podolsky Bridge.

"Work is underway to complete the installation of asphalt concrete pavement at the exits from the Podilsky bridge crossing and the construction of a bridge crossing in the direction of Honore de Balzac Street," adds Valentyn Kulbako.

As for the prospects for the construction of the subway, after the opening of traffic on the Podilskyi Bridge, the mayor's office answered quite spatially.

"In the main structures of the bridge crossing, which have been built, the metro stations "Sudnobudivna", "Trukhaniv Island" and "Zatoka Desenka" are provided for the movement of the metro. Work is underway on the construction of the main enclosing structures of the subway on the territory of the Rusanivsky Gardens," Valentyn Kulbako said.

The fall of the floating crane "Zakhary" into the Dnieper, which was used to mount the arch of the Podolsky bridge / photo from open sources

What is known about the Podolsk Bridge

About "tired" bridges and designers' miscalculation

Experts agree that after the opening of traffic, traffic jams may arise on the Podolsky Bridge, but emphasize that Kyiv needs a new bridge, because the existing crossings are already too outdated.

According to Oleksandr Serhiyenko, director of the City Institute analytical and research center, there are only five road bridges across the Dnipro River in Kyiv, and their condition, unfortunately, is not the best. Especially when it comes to the Metro and Paton bridges. The capital's bridges are subjected to an insane overtime load every day. Therefore, if any bridge takes over part of the traffic flows, this is already a plus.

"There are a little more than 30 bridges on the Dnieper. This number is too small. After all, bridges "sew" Ukraine, as well as Kyiv. Therefore, even if the Podilskyi Bridge was not very well designed, and it was designed in the 80s of the last century, when no one had any idea that people would have so many cars, now we have to correct the miscalculation of the designers. First of all, it is necessary to equip convenient exits from the bridge on the right and left banks in accordance with modern conditions. By the way, on the left bank there is an opportunity to make 2-3 exits, but on the right, in Podil, the situation is more complicated. But I think that everything will be regulated at the expense of the Northern Bridge, it will still be able to take on the load of vehicles. I think that this will allow us to properly distribute traffic flows. Although, how it will be in reality, it will be possible to see in practice," Oleksandr Sergienko told the website.

In 2020, the arch of the Podolsky Bridge was artistically illuminated / photo from open sources

Why the bridge is not yet for Troieshchyna

According to transport expert Oleksandr Kava, the opening of a road connection with the Podilskyi bridge crossing is absolutely realistic for Kyiv, because the city authorities are making a lot of efforts to complete the exits from the bridge to the Rusanivsky Gardens and, accordingly, to open the passage on the bridge from Podil to Rusanivsky Gardens.

"Therefore, it is too early for residents of Troieshchyna and the Rainbow Massif to rejoice at the opening of the road passage on the Podilskyi Bridge. In order to ensure communication with these residential areas of Kyiv, it is necessary to complete the construction of an overpass over the railway. But for the residents of the Livoberezhnyi massif and Rusanivsky Gardens, it is quite possible to open the passage," Oleksandr Kava explains to the website.

At the first stage, there will be no traffic jams

The expert adds that he does not see any serious problems with the passage of transport on the right bank, namely in Podil.

"The entrance to the Podilskyi bridge crossing on the right bank will be open from Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street and Verkhniy Val, and the exit from the bridge on Naberezhno-Rybalska Street. These are not narrow streets, however, indeed, to get to the city center, you will need to drive through Poshtova Square. There may be congestion of cars during peak hours. But taking into account that the bridge will not yet provide communication with Troieshchyna and the Rainbow massif, we should not expect a significant flow of vehicles in the first period of its operation," Oleksandr Kava said.

What will happen in the future?

The expert adds that after the opening of traffic and, most importantly, the launch of public transport on the Podilskyi Bridge, the city authorities will be able to focus on the construction of an overpass over the railway near the stop of the city electric trains "Troyeshchyna-1" and the construction of the first start-up section of the fourth metro line.

Construction of the subway at the Podolsky bridge crossing / photo from open sources

"After all, three metro stations have already been built in the construction of the Podolsky Bridge. Therefore, it remains to equip the right-bank section of the metro on the left bank of the Dnieper. That's in perspective. But I think that even the first section of the road connection on the Podilskyi Bridge will have a significant effect on the people of Kyiv," concludes Oleksandr Kava.

Earlier, the website said that the height for new buildings was changed in Kyiv: will Podil be "walled up" with skyscrapers.

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