The Criminal Court of First Instance specialized in terrorism and state security cases in Hadramawt governorate convicted Muhammad Ali, Aghla al-Harthi, Ali Ghalib al-Shaafa al-Salhi and Abdulrahman Ali Amer al-Salhi Shehab Abdullah Ali al-Salhi of the kidnapping incident attributed to them, and sentenced them to death by beating with a sword or firing squad to death.

The court also convicted the defendant Mohammed Saleh Nasser Tariq of the incident of using a forged document, and decided to punish him by limiting himself to the period he spent in pretrial detention.

The court acquitted five other defendants in the same case of the charges against them in the indictment.

In March last year, the convicts intercepted a car carrying two foreign staff working for the international organization "Médecins Sans Frontières", as they passed on the road linking the areas of Al-Abr and Al-Khashaa, west of Hadramawt governorate, eastern Yemen, and took them to an unknown destination.

Later in the year, security forces managed to free them, six months after their abduction, following a large-scale investigation that led to the arrest of a number of members of the gang that carried out the kidnapping.