The United States of America is preparing for a long-term strategic confrontation with the aggressor country of the Russian Federation.

The corresponding statement was made by the National Security Adviser to the Vice President of the United States, Philip Gordon, at the Warsaw Security Forum.

"We have to," he said. "Although, obviously, we were not the first to make this choice... The reality is that for some time we are likely to deal with Russia as an adversary," he stressed.

Gordon noted that "the final phase of the struggle depends on the Ukrainians."

"They will decide for themselves how everything will turn out. We remain absolutely clearly committed to a sovereign democratic Ukraine that controls its entire territory, and Russia must get out of it," he said.

In addition, the adviser says that the United States should provide Ukraine with everything it needs "to achieve the final that it considers necessary to have"

"This is what we are doing and will continue to do," he added.

Crack in support for Ukraine

Importantly, according to Gordon, despite the difficult domestic political processes in the United States, "there is full bipartisan support for aid to Ukraine in Congress."

"I expect it to continue. I think the American public also understands that this is a strategic issue... It is in our strategic interest to continue to support Ukraine," the statement said.

Meanwhile, Russian dictator Putin is betting on prolonging the war so that the West gets tired and disagrees on supporting Ukraine.

"I would call on Poland, as well as all of our friends in Europe, and, frankly, my colleagues at home, including Congress, that we must stay together on this issue and present a united front," Gordon said.

Putin's strategy is doomed to failure, as at least fifty countries are part of the international coalition that supports Ukraine, he said.

Resignation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives

The resignation of Republican Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House of Representatives may signal changes in the US House of Representatives regarding the policy of assistance to Ukraine.

In contrast, the White House hopes that the parliament will pass the necessary legislation even despite the replacement of the speaker in the House of Representatives.

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